I wold like to share my Sunday reflections and other thoughts with you and would like to journey through life sharing our thoughts and life experiences.

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14 Responses to Welcome

  1. Joyce Lang says:

    A Blog for all of us who know and love you to share! How exciting!

  2. I am lucky and blessed to have been introduced to Paul Coutinho and his spiritual teachings! This blog is a great way to spread the Word…

  3. Pat Rotty says:

    Please add me to your Blog,thank you…..

  4. Sue Wolf says:

    Thanks for continuing to share your faith journey with us through these reflections.

  5. celestine says:

    I feel truly blessed. Thanks for enriching my spiritual life.

  6. Hello Fr Paul Had no idea all this was happening, however, I am not surprised. So greatful to have found it. Last saw you at the LSP at Andheri in the 80s in that beautiful land where I received so much. Please, do not trouble your mind trying to place wh says:

    Thank you.

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  10. Vincent Vaz says:

    Hello Paul, Such beautiful and exciting insights into Scripture. Blessed to be connected to you.

  11. Michelle Goldberger says:

    “He finally gave up, surrendered totally to God but kept his focus on God Alone. In his openness to God, he began to experience and receive many mystical graces…” Is in the LETTING, not doing that we find peace!” Thanks Paul!

  12. Caesar d cunha says:

    Thanks for your reflections they keep me alive and they challenge me to grow within. your reflections Paul awakening in me a need to go deeper interiorly.

  13. Joan Henehan says:

    I’m grateful to be included among your recipients! Thanks so much for sharing these gems!

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