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Life is a Pilgrimage, not a Destination

Life is more than a journey, it is a pilgrimage. A journey has an end and a destination but a pilgrim keeps moving along or dies. For a pilgrim there is always more of life and infinite possibilities. The mystery … Continue reading

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Giving without receiving can be suicidal …

Barriers to experience Love (continued3) During the time of his conversion St. Ignatius tells us that while he was reading the Lives of the Saints he had a burning desire of imitating the saints. He contemplated surpassing the saints in … Continue reading

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Barriers of Love (Continued2)

Barriers to experience Love (continued) People who have been rejected or abused as a child and experience loneliness have been given this advice so they can find love: ‘Give love instead of asking for it,’ ‘Stop crying that you were … Continue reading

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