Silence between the notes… Holy Week (Final Lenten Reflection)

Silence between the notes… Holy Week (Final Lenten Reflection)

“Music is not in the notes, but in the silence between.” This famous saying is true in the mystery of Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection. As Jesus goes to the Mount of Olives singing the Passover hymn (Mk 14:26), the silence between the words of this song gives us a little window into his heart. The silence between Jesus’ prayer and the silence of God in the Agony in the Garden helps us understand the deepest relationship with God and the power of the human spirit when confronted with unfathomable pain.

We keep our eyes fixed on the heart and spirit of Jesus as he goes through his passion and pause in silence at the foot of the cross and the sepulcher. We watch the whole mystery of Jesus’ life begin to unfold in the heart of his mother Mary. In the silence at the core of her being we recognize courage and tranquility that springs from tremendous hope and a deep relationship with God. Finally, it is in the silence of the dawn that we experience the fullness of the Resurrection.

As we contemplate the mysteries of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus we come to realize that in the silence of our tears we begin to see the rainbow in our hearts and in the darkness of our lives we find our place among the stars. It is in the silence of life experiences and the silent moments in our prayer that the real presence of the Divine comes alive and we come to realize our true divine identity.

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2 Responses to Silence between the notes… Holy Week (Final Lenten Reflection)

  1. “…..the silence between the notes”…..there You are before “My Father and your Father, My God and your God” You say Jesus – when every emotion would tear me asunder there You are leading through Your Undying Merciful Love to Resurrection…..Thank You Jesus

  2. Ruth H Scott says:

    I can surly relate to this meditation for it was in the silence between the notes,an interruption in my tranquil life that I stood in a hospital lobby looking out the window and ground some six stories down waiting for word from the doctors as to how my daughter could live through an unexpected crisis.. In that moment, I prayed,”Lord Jesus remind me of how you have kept me over these 77 years and ordered my steps. I face a darkness I cannot comprehend and a fear about losing this youngest child to the other side of life that seems impossible for me to cover or understand. And,I give her back to you as you gave her to me for guidance and thanks giving. There was joy in my heart at her birth and I surly thought, this is your child ..create in her . your grace and glory. Now it seems I will have to take her home in a box. Why Lord?” He answered only with a silent peace.At that moment I heard the cries of another troubled family and the spirit moved me to ask if could pray for/with them. They said yes. My mind turned not only to my fear of loss but to loss of Jesus to his mother Mary. When I finished someone said, “Thank you, I feel better.” I said, “So do I.

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