Join The Peace Campaign

Hello Everyone,

I believe that the world can be transformed by simply desiring and praying for peace or just imagining a peaceful world. Your peace ripple will create an ocean of peace.

If you would commit yourself to just 2 minutes a day (or whenever you can) send an email to

Kindly spread this message around via email, Facebook or any way you can so that we can have one million people sending out peace energy.

Peace and Abundant Blessings
Paul Coutinho

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3 Responses to Join The Peace Campaign

  1. A wonderful ministry of spreading peace. Congratulations. May the whole world experience peace and togetherness. Let each human heart and creation experience this peace and penetrate into the thin fibres of life. Love and peace.

  2. Henri says:

    Thank you for this invitation Paul. Most readily accept, joining with all who desire and pray for peace.

  3. florydsouza says:

    Truly a wonderful ministry. I have actually started praying for peace every night and just stay in that peaceful situation. I pray that “there may be peace in the world and let it begin with me”. I know that I need to be peaceful and create my little ripple which will help me send it to others in my circle, State and Country and then go round the world. I believe that this will work. Bless you Paul for starting this campaign.

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