We need inspiration…

I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”

This was the inspirational quote from the poem Invictus by William Ernest Henley that expressed Nelson Mandela’s foundational life experience. He discovered this poem while he was serving a life sentence on Robben Island, a former Leprosy Colony. This quote became the meaning and mission of his life; it served as an anchor that kept him grounded when his natural response would have been one of fear, anger or hatred.  Mandela used it as a mantra that inspired him to deal with the hard times when he wanted to give up; it helped him answer the existential questions: Who am I? What is life all about?

Mandela used the power of his mantra to empower not only those who were in prison with him but also those in charge of that prison. His mantra inspired him to work for reconciliation rather than petty revenge; it helped him to stand alone against some of the powerful nations of the world.

Mandela believed that we all need inspiration. Would you care to share your inspirational mantra? I have a tremendous sense of intimacy with the Divine Essence. It gives me the courage to jump over the cliffs of life, knowing fully well that the Divine Energy will keep me flying beyond sacred boundaries always seeking new horizons. Convinced that living with enough is living in abundance helps me enjoy the fullness of life more and more every day. Intimacy with the Divine Essence resonates through every fiber of my being and is expressed by my mantra: You are Mine!


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10 Responses to We need inspiration…

  1. JoAnn Rulo says:

    I have been praying the Centering Prayer for over 32 years so what I would consider my prayer word as my mantra but I have had several supportive phrases that bring me back to presence when I am worried, feel threatened or irritated:

    Show me the next step (speaking to the Divine). What do I need to know?
    I am Divinely guided.

    I remember a story I once read – God said do not worry about the future – my name is not I will be. God said do not worry about the past my name is not I was. God said live in the present where I can be with you – my name is I AM.

    My life purpose is bigger than this issue that is bothering me – I let it go.

    I think of The Cookie Thief – a wonderful poem that reminds me not to judge – it is only my perception.

  2. sheryl says:

    Many clouds block my mind and as I was reading through your message on inspiration, I realised that many a times we tend to focus our energies on what’s not happening rather than on what’s happening. People like Nelson Mandela are a true inspiration to people like us who get a bit fazed out in life and find it difficult to face stress. Thanks Paul for such an inspiring article.

  3. Pat Rotty says:

    I’ve learned,God is my Master!! God is my Captain !! It’s not about me,it’s All about Him..happy Mandella found Inspiration in this Quote and it helped him survive but God was the Power within it.God Sustains me,could not exist if He didn’t Will It…. Praise Our God !!!

  4. Henri says:

    “You are Mine!”
    I heard These Words deep within me while sitting by the fireside with my dad when I was 13 years old. They have never left me. They have been my resting place. I have clung to Them through situations I have met in life. They have embraced me through all the errors I have made. I trust in Them through the terrible sufferings I witness others endure. They are the Meeting Place with everyone I encounter.
    Thank You my God for Your Great Love that is infinitely present despite my unending weakness.
    Thank you dear Paul. Indeed, ‘intimacy with the Divine Essence certainly does resonate through every fiber of your being’. Thank you for sharing it with us and encouraging us.

  5. Mark Rudis says:

    “We are all connected” I think of this simple truth throughout my day as I encounter humans and non human species. How I interact with others is where my God lives, in my efforts and my humble attempt to promote peace between us. Carl Sagan once said that to any alien species humans are virtually identical to a tree. Our DNA is composed of the same building blocks with only slight variations. When I lend others my human voice I am acting on behalf of my Creator, I am completing a thread in the Web of Life.

  6. Judy Polys says:

    Once I was told – when you hear Truth – you will know it. Recently someone said – ‘ I do not worry, I am the Daughter of a King’.

  7. Tresa says:

    Paul, your sharing challenged me to encounter my Mantra. There are several phrases that evoke energy and challenge me to go forward. As I explored for that one which becomes a source of challenge or mantra, I realize that it is “Emmanuel – God with us”. So if God is with me in all circumstances, then what do I need to fear. Being with me he knows where to take me, how to help me to face life realities, to enjoy the joys and excitements of life and to draw energy and inspiration when life looks not going that well. Yes; this is what gives me strength and somewhere I feel I still need to encounter that one phrase what is shaping my life….. thank you Paul for provoking my thinking …………

  8. Miriam Wesselmann,SSND says:

    “Living with enough is living in abundance.” is very inspiring for me at this time in my life.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Julie Schap says:

      “I am here.”
      This is my mantra. These are the words God said to me the first time I attended a centering prayer workshop. I thought everyone could hear these words and was surprised when others didn’t. Because of your words, Paul, I’m reminded of these powerful words He gave me. And I am grateful.

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