Forgiving (nasa) Ourselves

We only forgive when there is nothing to forgive; when we let go of the hurts and resentment and receive the gifts in the painful experiences of our lives. When we forgive, we break the fetters that have not allowed us to enjoy the fullness of life, affected our self-worth or blocked our vision of our true essence. It opens a window that offers a glimpse of the Divine Essence and Power within us.

One of the words for forgiveness in Hebrew is nasa; it means to carry away. Just as NASA develops shuttles that carry people and cargo to outer space, when we forgive we surrender our resentments, hurts and pains to the Universe.

Forgiving others is easier than receiving forgiveness or forgiving ourselves. But forgiving ourselves for those things that we were not responsible for is something we seldom think about.

Imagine the movie of your life from the time you were born and forgive (nasa) yourself at every stage from the trauma of being born, family dysfunctions that affected you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually; the experiences of the first six years of our lives that seem to have had an impactful influence of how we lived our lives; those teenage years when we felt lost trying to find ourselves; relationships that were hurtful through no fault of ours or the times when we fell sick. Lovingly nasa yourself at every stage, away to the Cosmic world where we break up into stardust and experience healing and wholeness once again.

It is good to forgive and not to forget!  As long as we remember the people and life experiences we have forgiven, we will protect ourselves from not getting hurt in similar situations, secondly, we will not hurt others because we remember the pain it will cause them and above all, as long as we remember, we will continue to empower ourselves and others.


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13 Responses to Forgiving (nasa) Ourselves

  1. JOE DAHLEM says:

    Great timing for this to arrive on my journey. Continue to enjoy and explore our relationship.

  2. Henri says:

    This is beautiful Paul, so uplifting, freeing and true. Thank you.
    I’ve just watched today’s news and saw more dreadful suffering befall the people of Syria. I pray their poor broken hearts be sustained through all the horrors they have and do endure. May they and all those who suffer terrible injustices to their lives, and, all of us, come to know the joy of what ‘forgiveness’ is.

  3. Paul,

    Beautiful pearls of wisdom that resonate so true to what we experience unfortunately in different stages in our lives. I read your blogs and they always seem to be teaching me or helping me aspire to deal with lifes challanges as you have so magnificently described. There is a inner strength that we need to implore to stay above the line always in life.

  4. Sheryl Stella says:

    Paul this is very well said at the time when my mind and heart was filled with mixed emotions of how easy it is for people to cause you pain but I do believe that in learning to forgive ones self gives you the inner strength n peace at the same time it gives you the power to forgive those who really are unaware of the hurt they cause ……thanks for a wonderfully written article

  5. Mary Anne Posnanski says:

    Thanks, Paul.

    Mary Anne

    Sent from my iPhone

  6. R Mark Rudis says:

    Excellent wisdom my brother! In applying Nasa in my own life I have always been the most difficult one to forgive. For whatever reason I have always sought to compartmentalize my God or the Universe by offering up only the successes or the most pure and unstained qualities of my own character or the most successful events in my daily life. I choose to martyr myself in electing to maintain a hold on painful memories where I have been at fault. I compare now to your own wonderful book “How Big is Your God.” I have lessened His/Her participation in my own life by omissions of the very thing that holds me back, my own guilt. Recently an Elder gave me precisely the same advice and I have acted on it. The act of surrender isn’t complete until we have applied nasa to ourselves. American great Sioux medicine man Black Elk described “the first peace to be the greatest peace, that which is found within the souls of men.” We can’t truly export what we don’t posess. To find and offer peace to others we must aquire it for ourselves first. To forgive others requires that I cleanse myself first to be truly effective. Good words my brother! Thank you.

  7. Julie Schap says:

    One time or perhaps many times, I wouldn’t immediately respond to Paul’s blog. And he’d nudge me asking,why haven’t you written on my blog? I would asnswer that I was thinking about it and trying to decide what to write. And he responded, don’t think too long. Just write what you feel.
    So here goes.
    This is one of the easiest blogs to understand. I don’t know why exactly. It just is.
    I was talking to Keith this morning and we were discussing how relevant it is to accept the historical Jesus. We both agree this it’s irrelevant. What matters is how each of us is as a person and how we treat each other. A worker in my office goes to church each week, is a Christian, and reads the Bible. However, she worked very hard to destroy my reputation, get me fired, and compiled lies to tell the boss. She came to me and asked me to forgive her because this was not who she really was. She was not however willing to tell our boss the truth. Do I forgive her? Actually I did. And I continued to like her. But I have kept my distance and would not trust her in any matter. So why did I forgive her? Because of who I am not who she is. And because not forgiving her would fill me with resentments and anger and that’s not who I am. So I have forgiven her but not forgotten. I don’t intend to forget and whenever I’m around her or talk to her I think she is kind of creepy. Most people that I’ve forgiven I’ve come to feel sorry for. I also pity the day they see Gods face and review their lives of lies. In desiring the peace and joy of loving and knowing God, of anticipating that wonderful day when I go home, I continue to be motivated to forgive others. In remembering the event, I feel I honor God and the life,my life, that he has entrusted to me

  8. Sevil Kazimova says:

    Thanks, Paul,


  9. Gina Williams says:

    Hi Paul,

    This is beautifully written and it is right on time, too! Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate it.

  10. devadhasm says:

    Thank you Paul, for this explanation of forgiveness. My personal reflection on forgiveness is when we realise that the person doesn’t know the real me how can I be angry with him or her. The past is a memory that can be healed when I know the truth of the context involved. The persons whom we think have hurt us, have their own background.Once I realise their background, can I be angry with them or can I carry some grudge against them? The hurt feelings are often burdensome and hence throw the burden off your back and lead a free life of a child.
    Thank you for making me feel free.

  11. Henry Holt says:

    Thanks Paul. In life you accumulate things that are better shed than carried to the grave, and forgiveness is the only way to cut a slit in the bottom of the baggage.

  12. joan says:

    This is your lucky day Paul. I am not usually terse & succinct. Getting to the point. Thanks. I needed this message. Just to let you know… You are prayed for daily… by name… just as God remembers us. Blessings, joan

  13. Miriam Wesselmann says:

    Thanks, Paul, for such profound wisdom articulated so clearly and sensitively. Yes, I have been through the journey. Sometimes it is good to retrace our steps and appreciate the love and support received along the way in addition to the pain. Carolyn Myss says we attract people and events into our lives that teach us the lesson that is next for us to learn. Interpreting my experiences in this light helps me grow and find the gift in the pain. It truly makes forgiving a lot easier.

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