Capturing a Slice of Life. Freezing a Moment in Time

I am still wondering how I landed in Maui, Paradise Island. Among many adventures I was on a tour bus to Hana. They say that the road has about six hundred curves and sixty bridges. We were told at the onset that this trip was all about the journey not the destination. One of our stops was at a waterfall and some of the group got out to swim in the big waterfall; I was alone at the lower, smaller waterfall. I waded knee deep through the freezing water. I sat on the rock to dry my legs and enjoy the revitalizing experience when a young woman came to the waterfall. She asked me if the water was cold; I said it was freezing but very refreshing.

She came out of the water after a very invigorating swim and playfully splashed some cold water on me. We then stood and talked for a bit. She said that she had attended a course in Taoism in San Francisco and was into yoga. I realized that this woman was on a spiritual quest. I mentioned one of my father’s wisdom sayings, “Enough is Abundance,” when she became very still and reverently repeated a few times, “Enough is Abundance.” She was deeply moved and I was touched. She said she felt like she was Siddartha who had just found the Buddha. We said goodbye and she pointed to the camper she had rented and was driving without any particular destination. Yes, she was on a spiritual quest.

Within an hour I had forgotten what this woman looked like but I had captured a slice of life; that moment in time is now frozen forever. As I continued on the tour bus I was in a daze; I wasn’t sure if this person was real or had come to visit me from the Spirit world. Later I began to recall the amazing sunsets, the full moon and its reflection on the ocean and so many other moments I may not remember after some time but the effect still lingers in me.

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17 Responses to Capturing a Slice of Life. Freezing a Moment in Time

  1. darcywharton says:

    What a beautiful reflection. I always appreciate your writing. Thank you!

  2. Pat says:

    Don’t you just love those mystical moments? I do. Enjoy. Thanks for the sharing in this good story.

  3. Jim Scott says:

    Paul, it is so good to hear your voice. We need to hear it more during these days.
    Safety and peace.

  4. rlsknapp says:

    Wonderfully open-ended encounter. I appreciate your father’s wisdom-saying, too! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Jackie says:

    Thank you Paul; I call these God-wink moments….special signs of divine presence all around us.And we need them so much at this time. Beautiful sharing. Jackie

  6. edbarb4344 says:


  7. P. Brown says:

    I just read your blog. Very good. I have had moments like that. A tiny slice of life that stays frozen within me. Just the memory can bring the moment back.

  8. valerie tripi says:

    Paul — thank you! Your words are always inspiring. And it feels calming to hear from you, friend. Keep writing — we’ll keep reading!

  9. sandybeatrice says:

    Sounds like a beautiful numinous experience , which you already sense will remain with you always.

  10. med7861 says:

    Thank you Paul. How blessed we are when we can recognize these moments.
    I know I must live in the now to be able to live the experience and be able to reflect later on all that was given to me thru it

  11. JoAnn Rulo says:

    Sounds like a very powerful encounter with another spiritual seeker! I am intrigued with the your father’s words as well. About a year ago I kept getting the message, “You are enough” from many different stories and sources. The words your father spoke, “Enough is Abundance” added a whole new dimension to that message. Thanks for sharing! Hope all is well with you Paul.

  12. Diane says:

    Thank you for the wise words. Be well.

  13. Tresa says:

    Paul, thank you for being back, it’s a joy to meet you here. As I completed reading your blog what came to my mind is : Mystery of the moment, unfolded with deeply connected encounter. It’s a manifestation; of what! will be revealed to you… I pray that we grow in alertness and wisdom to capture these frozen moments of life slices. Because, I believe that they are around us in abundance. Your father’s words are inspiring. Thank you Paul, for sharing this experience.

  14. Donna Horsford says:

    There are so many significant encounters and moment experiences, if we are just in a place to be open to them. That’s seems like our challenge to stay open and ‘aware’.
    Glad you are writing, Paul. Miss you.

  15. Joanne says:

    Lovely Paul.

  16. Mark Rudis says:

    What a powerful story! I strongly feel that your brief encounter with this young traveler is syncronicity at its finest. She gave you verification that you are on the good path in life. Devinely arranged and if she was real i would say that you are traveling parallel paths and that your presence was also a gift to her. 🙏 I fear that there are many times in life that show us the way or affirm our good direction if we will stop to take notice and reflect as you have brother. And i feel that Grace has made your story available for each of us to contemplate. Thank you brother.

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